The advantages on sending money Moneygram

Everything gets easier and safer when we work with reliable services. Here at “Labor Cambio” we do our remittances with Moneygram, a global company specialized in money transfers to over 200 countries, renowned for its fast and safe way to work.

Agility in sending and receiving

Your money could be available within only 10 minutes after being sent according to the country chosen for the transaction.

Choose your favourite currency

The transactions are all in American Dollars, but the money gets to its destination in the currency you have chosen.

Transaction limit

You are only allowed to send money, via Moneygram, to a maximum amount of US$ 3,000. As for transactions which exceed that value you should look for “Labor Câmbio” international remittances.

How to make a transfer through “Moneygram”

  • You have to show any valid document with a photo and the data of the recipient in the nearest “Labor Câmbio” shop
  • Sign out and withdraw the transaction reference receipt.
  • Make sure you inform who is receiving the money in the destiny country.

How to receive a “Moneygram” transfer

  • Show the transaction reference number and a valid document with a photo
  • The data confirmation will be fulfilled
  • Withdraw your money and enjoy it