International Remittance

International Payments and Transfers

“Labor Câmbio” is been authorized by the Central Bank of Brazil to do their own operations since 2002, operating in both banking and currency exchange areas.

“Labor Câmbio” delivers excellent services to its clients, contracting currency exchange for both individuals and companies for amounts up to (U$ 100,000.00), with a lot less burocracy, extremely competitive fees, agility and personalized services.

Express Remittances
( Moneygram )

You can either send or receive money from abroad via Express Remitances done by “Labor Câmbio Broker”.

There is no need to hold a bank account and the money will be available to the recipient within 10 minutes only.

Simplicity and agility to our clients.

Remittance types

Finance transferring from and to overseas markets, through money order, aiming to make it feasible the international financial flow.
  • Keeping the PF (individual)
  • Transfers of Assets
  • Enrolments in events and courses
  • Foreign newspapers and magazines subscriptions

Digital Signature

All money exchange contracts can be digitally signed, we offer our clients this service. The “Digital Signature” makes the whole operational process faster and easier, bringing more convenience and agility to your operations with “Labor Câmbio Broker”.

With practicallity, judicial agility and validity you sign your money exchange contracts.

  • Convenience and mobility
  • Safety
  • Control
  • Reducing costs
  • Sustainability