Import and export

Our own position

“Labor Câmbio” has been authorized, since 2002, to do its own business in both Banking and Money Exchange.

“Labor Câmbio” delivers excellent services to its clients, hiring operations of money exchange, export-import and international remittance for individuals or companies indistinctively, with less burucracy, extremely competitive fees, agility and personalized services.



For operations over the amount of U$ 100,000.00, we operate with the major national and international banks, offering our clients, excellent service and operational support, to get the best financial rewarding to their businesses, supported by our Know how performance in the financial market.

We act in the most diverse sectors of industries, such as, petrochemical, oil, gas, automotive, aviation, telecommunications, hospital and services in an environment of absolute transparency, trust and efficiency over the procedures between the Broker, the Bank, the Central Bank and the client.

Integrated Foreign Trade System of Services and Other Operations

Integrated Foreign Trade System of Services and Other Operations which produce alterations on the Patrimony, developed by the Federal Government in partnership with RFB and MIDIC..

It is a computerized system aiming the public policies improvement referring to services and intangible, we market with residents and non-residents.

The record has been declared since August 2012, being obliged to be declared by residents, either an individual person or a company, who gets or market intangible services or other transactions which produce variations on the resident’s patrimony and is in accordance with the law number 12.546/2011.


Law number 12.546 of 14/12/2011, article 24 to 27. Record of Services Purchases of Manuals and Acquisitions of Services (currently on its 5th issue). Instituted the use of the Brazilian Tariff Schedule of Services by the Presidential Decree number 7708, 02/04/2012.

Begining of Mandatory Inssuance of Information Schedule

According to INSRF 1.277/12 and ordinance 113/12, the records schedule have been stabilished every other month, since August 2012, the beginning of new mandatory, according to the chapters in NBS, which have been on since October 2013.


The records should be submitted up to the last working day of the subsequent month to the date of the beginning of the service provision, of the intangible market or the operation fulfillment which produce variations on the person’s patrimony or companies or depersonalized beings.